Indian Fashion Clothes Make a Style Statement World Over

Over period of time, the styles of wearing salwar-kameez and saris have changed and present more of metro look. A lot of experimentation has been done by the Indian fashion designers with Indian fashion clothes such as cuts of salwar and neck designs.


Designers are no longer getting too much influenced by Swarovski-embedded halter tops and jewel-studded tops. Taking break from this, they are now getting creative and imaginative with ethnic Indian silk and beautiful Khadi, a beautiful collection of which is available with Fashionandyou coupons. According to famous textile designers this exotic look is extremely popular in bridal market and has caught the attention of many customers and designers.

Many of the garments of so called fashion designers appear to have been brought straight from wardrobes of popular TV serials. . For women keen to inculcate this look, they can get a huge collection using Fashionandyou coupons. These large bindis, embellished sarees, heavy jewelry and the open hair actually give the look promoted by the saas-bahu soap operas.


Bridal view specialists are of the view that these dresses as a part of trousseau which you can buy with discounts at CouponDekho will always be in great demand because a lot of people want to present an exotic and rich look at the weddings. Though as a designer they are famous for their rich bridal designs but sometimes they also try to capture simplicity of the Indian designs by making the best use of the Indian fiber Khadi.


Designers are also of the opinion that even with different mode of expression of designer, every garment should be made with purpose to come up to expectations of the people. They believe that India has rich collection of fabrics and patterns that need to be discovered. offers a rich collection of Indian wear at quite low prices. Designers consider it their duty to highlight these traditional forms so that these are acceptable to particularly youngsters and the trend conscious buyers. It is felt that Indian fashion is extremely interesting as same designs are not repeated again and again. There is no necessity of traditional Indian patterns to be just the image of Radha, Krishna or peacock as the Indian culture offers designs of various options.

Artists believe that the traditional designer wear is very popular with the youngsters and they also like to add a dash of modern trends to it. The Indian consumer hesitates to experiment with the designer wear and readily prefers to go for the patterns that are seen on the television and in films and most of such apparels are available using Trendin coupons. It is the responsibility of designer to make the clientele aware of available alternatives and make fashion more user-friendly than designing just for ramp walks. Once these fashion apparels are made available and affordable for the ordinary people it would bring a fashion revolution.

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