Coconut Oil for Teen Issues


Traditional oils have always advised for good health for many generations by grandmas and mothers. However, with the recent surge of refining, traditional oils are lagging behind in the race for health. Many health experts have started forcing on it again with renewed interest and with science- backed benefits.
Coconut oil is one such oil that science much flak for the presence of saturated fats. What the detractors failed to see was that they were medium chain fats which are different from the disease causing saturated fats. A major part of South Indian, Sri Lankan, Polynesian and Indonesian cuisine, Coconut oil enjoys prime importance with majority of their dishes garnished with coconut shaving or cooked in coconut oil. Edible coconut oil had shown to have multiple health benefits.

All the major research shows that medium chain fatty acids are easy to digest yielding, thus, putting less strain on the digestive system. Other animal fats have to undergo complex and difficult processes to get digested and they may block arteries causing heart disease.

Teenage kids are extremely conscious about their looks and weight which, in consumption of account oil is associated with lesser waist circumference and better BMI among the subjects. It really helps the immune system fight against pathogens which cause diseases like pneumonia, influenza, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, measles and many others.

A part from this coconut oil is cool on our body system due to which it is popular as hair oil too. Its anti-fungal properties help put a tab as hair growth. A popular part of scalp treatments, coconut oil when combined with tea tree oil and rosemary oil helps keep dandruff at bay and promotes hair growth.
Coconut oil is wonder full as massage oil also. Study showed that pre-term babies gained more weight with regular coconut oil massages as compared to mineral oil. So next time, If you think of relaxing spa treatment look no further than your oil cabinet.

Setalvad recommends two teaspoons of coconut oil to be consumed daily in order for its beneficial effects to be consumed daily in order for its beneficial effects to be seen. She suggests coconut oil to be added to some snacks, as seasoning in regular foods, or in salad dressing. 

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