All You Need To Know About Men’s Boots

Are you interested in getting styling tips to enhance your dressing sense? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced man looking for new tips to style your personality, this post is for you. Through this post, one can come to know about the boots to be worn with what type of outfit. I was surfing about the popular styles and wardrobe design. All you have to do is find a reliable online shopping store where a verity of option are available.

White canvas sneakers 
They are the ideal casual shoes, which can be worn without or with socks. These types of shoes are perfect for warm weather and casual situations. I decided to wear it at beach trips or poolside days, which improved my dressing. They are the perfect alternative to flip flops of brown colored leather.

Rich brown loafers 
Of course, you like to wear boat shoes, but they are not ideal with trousers or going to attend meetings or conferences. You can buy loafers in these cases. When you are rushing late for your meeting, these boots are easy to slip off and on. They are not restricted to only work environments, still you can wear casually. You can swap your boat shoes with a pair of rich brown loafers made of leather.

Summer Dressing Jackets and T-shirt Styles for Men

The more we try to keep ourselves cool in summers the more we have to struggle for it. Summer weather can also create a relaxed attitude if we have paid more attention towards the dressing. No coats, no trousers just shorts and tees which men likes to wear in summer and this also force them to reveal their protruding stomachs, less attractive legs and back sides. Well, men also have strong desire to look presentable no matter how much unattractive he is. Here are few guidelines for men's fashion

Light, clen and understand
You might have taunted your friends when they get ready for the interview or presentations because they are well groomed and get comments as if you are looking gentleman. Gentleman looks means well-groomed and clean clothes. In summer, it is important that you wear clean clothes because this will give you relaxed feel. Untidy clothes creates a stress of feeing and it is scientifically proven. It is also important that you wear clean clothes for healthy lifestyle. Wear light colors and select fabrics like linen, cotton and tropical wool because these are breathable fabrics and will help your body breathe. Instead of wearing full sized clothes, go for these prescribed materials because this will not only make you look good, but you will stay comfortable in the hot weather.

Know which Colours will Make you Winter-Ready?

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With the arrival of winters comes the season of colourful people and colourful world! The hues come out real bright in this chilling weather and glisten the most awaited time of the year. To celebrate the onset of winters, you need to be ready with the right coloured clothes lined up in your closet. So check the list given below and know which all shades you must be having this season:-

Family of Reds & Pinks
Colours like brick red, wine, magenta, dark rose, salmon pink etc. are steaming up this cool weather and are too much in trend. These bright colours beautifully cheer up everything around! Online pashmina salwar suits offer a great variety of such shades.

Mustard Cluster
Blasts of rich hues of burnt yellow, mustard, rust color etc. are excellent choices to rock winters. And these are even best suited for Indian skin tones. Silk is one such fabric which brings out the best of these colours when are combined with its natural lustre. So, bring online banarasi silk salwar suits home and see the shine and glam these can scatter all around!

3 Most Popular Clothing Among Indian Women

“Ethnic diversity adds richness to a society.” 

By Gary Locke As rightly said in the above quote by Gary locke, the ethnic diversity of India have gifted various fashion trends for women of now and then to follow. Indian clothing has been predominately influenced by region, climate, and religion and so on. Despite the fact of increasing popularity and influence of western culture in Indian fashion Industry the women at large prefer dressing in conventional attire like salwaar kameeze and saree.

With the retail e-commerce boom with numerous online shopping websites for Indian women clothing, Indian women are now not afraid to try something different. Indian women have always opted for outfits which are bright in colour and of course very comfortable. Over the years Indian women are not hesitant to experiment to western style or fashion trends. Below are the few popular outfits among Indian women in past few years and looks like it’s not going to be outdated ever.

1) Saree and beyond
Not only me but am sure many of you would agree that saree is the most sensual yet elegant Indian women wear. With the diverse culture each region has it’s own style of wearing saree like in Bengoli style (Nine yards saree), Coorgi style, Marathi style, gujarati style and more. Each saree style represents it’s origin, region, culture and lot more. With unique and attractive designer blouse, fabric of saree and embellishments over the saree makes the modern day sarees as a runaway hit western as well as in Indian fashion shows. Saree is the most versatile Indian woman outfit. With range on varieties available both online and in designer boutiques, one can select the best pick keeping in the mind the time and the occasion of the day. Traditional accessories like Maang tikaa (forehead jewelry), Bangles (bunch of bracelets), Payal(anklets), Jhumka (Long earrings in chandelier shape) and Bindi (forehead sticker) completes the Saree look of the perfect tradional fashion clothing of an Indian women. One of the best online shop for Lacrosse sportswear one of the biggest online shops for the lacrosse uniforms; there is a huge collection of Lacrosse sportswear, Basketball uniforms and all the products are from the best sportswear company- Lightening wear. The Lightening wear company provides the best quality sportswear for the athletes and sportsperson. The products are developed to provide comfortable, long lasting and very elegant sportswear.

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How to use the Sublimation machine in

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10 DIY Auspicious Arabic Mehndi Designs to Flaunt on Diwali

Arabian mehndi designs are extremely popular among mehndi enthusiasts and artisans. There are a number of reasons that offer backup to this statement. First of all, the design is simple and does not involve a great deal of detailed and intricate work. The designs are mostly done with the use of floral patterns which can be made pretty easily as compared to others.

With the pattern covering no more than a finger of the hand, the Arabian mehndi design can be completed in no more than five minutes while the whole thing dries up in no more than ten minutes. It is easier to cover the diagonal strip area of the hand as it employs a thick line in the mehndi design. The modern world is all about efficiency and time savings, and the Arabian mehndi designs for hands encompass both these crucial factors.

Now let us learn more about some of the mehndi Arabic styles you can try out this festive season at your home.

                          Image credit: Zuri

This is one of the most typical backhand Arabian mehndi styles in vogue at present. It is drawn using very intricate motifs in the shape of a leaf. The main string of leaves run down the middle finger leaving all your other fingers free for accessories such as rings and won’t hide this wonderful mehndi design on your hand. There are miniature designs that beautifully decorate the tips of the fingers.

Men’s Shirts Style 2015:- A Quest To Get That Perfect Look

The warm weather is at its peak and this is the time when you can try some new trend, which is catching up fire. The catwalks are completely full of summer styles for men and hitting the market every day. Which one will you choose? I know it’s difficult to choose from so much pretty fashion and men face the dilemma like women’s do. Well, not to worry as this post aim to aid find Men’s Shirts Style 2015 and look at the styles, which are set for hot summer and ahead?

T colors
You might have noticed that summer colors are much nicer and soothing than drab winters. Now greys, black brown are out of fashion, but still you will find these colors if you wish for them. So no need to get disappointed if you have color preferences. However, this year summer style is different and you should look for more vibrant colors that will enhance your personality and will let you get out of that boring dull look. Bright pink and yellow is the key color in the men’s shirt style.