5 Beauty Secrets from Bollywood Celebrities

Every Bollywood celebrity has her own beauty secret which she follows with dedication. No matter they owe a beautiful gene but to maintain these beauties they follow strict diet and workout so here is secret of some of the extremely gorgeous Bollywood divas.

Priyanka Chopra- This dusky beauty is not only stealing Indian’s heart but she also spread her charm all over the world. This multi talented beauty is also associated with many skin care brands she follows regular diet and skincare schedule, large amount of water and coconut water give her glowing skin. For making her lip look attractive she applies fresh milk cream which nourish her lips, she believes Good makeup products are very much necessary to look beautiful she generally goes with Mac products and for her perfect 10 on 10 figure she never miss to hit the gym.

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan- One of the most beautiful women of the world or we can also say her a beauty with brain who is also blessed with the most beautiful eyes also avoid many things to maintain the beauty of her genetically beautiful skin, she avoids fried, junk food, smoke, alcohol despite this she prefers green veggies and healthy diet. For her face she use home remedies which are natural and have no side effects she uses a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and milk to have clean skin. For her makeup, she prefers the brands like MAC, Maybelline, Revlon and Lakme. For her fit body she practice yoga and goes for a morning walk which keep her fresh throughout the day.

Bollywood Actresses Who Inspire Us To Wear Pakistani Suits In 2017

If you love to adorn ethnic wear like a true fashion wizard, then you need to explore ravishing appeal of Pakistani suits. Extremely attractive and rich in gaze, these classic salwar suits are perfect to flaunt your highly elegant and graceful appeal. Be it wedding ceremonies, festival chime, traditional events or any other Indian celebration, you will never get ditched by the allure of these suits and these traditional weaves will definitely bring the best out of you. If you are still unsure and want to know more about this staple, sneak into enchanting outfits of your fave Bollywood ladies to get the glimpse. Lot of times B-town divas have seen embracing Pakistani salwar kameez to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. What is best about these drapes is the long straight pattern and beautiful intricate detailing over the fabric. It’s time to take fashion notes and drag inspiration from some of the most gorgeous ladies of our planet. Be quick!!!

Fabulous Collection of Designer Anarkali Suits

The appeal and sensuous charm of designer Anarkali suits make them the most preferred outfit for the contemporary women. These suits are elegant and classy beyond words. The royal grace of beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez is unfazed by the changing fashion trends. In the contemporary times, it is easier to find the fabulous designs of Anarkali suits online. There are many stores selling the exclusive designer Anarkali suits at highly competitive prices. All you have to do is find the best collection that fits your fashion requirements and budget. 

Here are some ways that may help you to find an enchanting collection of elegant Anarkali suits. 

Prefer the stores having the latest range of beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez: It is always better to shop online at the stores offering the widest range of Anarkali suits online. At such stores, you can find the latest designer Anarkali suits designs along with the best sellers to simplify your search. Check out the latest fashion trends of elegant Anarkali suits to find out the designs that are in vogue. Floor length Anarkali suits, suits with printed bodice, Bollywood style Anarkali, embellished yokes, and jacket style Anarkali suits are some of the latest designs trending in these suits. 

Blazers for a versatile wardrobe

A good blazer seems to be an indispensable piece of clothing for any versatile wardrobe. However, restricting it to only professional setting will be doing great injustice to this style staple. Blazer for women are not only versatile but can be paired with almost anything. Whether you wear it with shirts for women or with women dresses, blazers will make you look sharp and crisp instantly. 

Being available in a range of styles, colours and prints, these days having a stylish and tailored blazer in your wardrobe is a must have as it can make even the most casual of outfits into something chic and pulled together. Perfect for work to weekend looks, blazer for women can be styled in a number of ways.

All You Need To Know About Men’s Boots

Are you interested in getting styling tips to enhance your dressing sense? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced man looking for new tips to style your personality, this post is for you. Through this post, one can come to know about the boots to be worn with what type of outfit. I was surfing about the popular styles and wardrobe design. All you have to do is find a reliable online shopping store where a verity of option are available.

White canvas sneakers 
They are the ideal casual shoes, which can be worn without or with socks. These types of shoes are perfect for warm weather and casual situations. I decided to wear it at beach trips or poolside days, which improved my dressing. They are the perfect alternative to flip flops of brown colored leather.

Rich brown loafers 
Of course, you like to wear boat shoes, but they are not ideal with trousers or going to attend meetings or conferences. You can buy loafers in these cases. When you are rushing late for your meeting, these boots are easy to slip off and on. They are not restricted to only work environments, still you can wear casually. You can swap your boat shoes with a pair of rich brown loafers made of leather.

Summer Dressing Jackets and T-shirt Styles for Men

The more we try to keep ourselves cool in summers the more we have to struggle for it. Summer weather can also create a relaxed attitude if we have paid more attention towards the dressing. No coats, no trousers just shorts and tees which men likes to wear in summer and this also force them to reveal their protruding stomachs, less attractive legs and back sides. Well, men also have strong desire to look presentable no matter how much unattractive he is. Here are few guidelines for men's fashion

Light, clen and understand
You might have taunted your friends when they get ready for the interview or presentations because they are well groomed and get comments as if you are looking gentleman. Gentleman looks means well-groomed and clean clothes. In summer, it is important that you wear clean clothes because this will give you relaxed feel. Untidy clothes creates a stress of feeing and it is scientifically proven. It is also important that you wear clean clothes for healthy lifestyle. Wear light colors and select fabrics like linen, cotton and tropical wool because these are breathable fabrics and will help your body breathe. Instead of wearing full sized clothes, go for these prescribed materials because this will not only make you look good, but you will stay comfortable in the hot weather.

Know which Colours will Make you Winter-Ready?

Here’s a very useful post to share the love to all you lovely readers! 

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With the arrival of winters comes the season of colourful people and colourful world! The hues come out real bright in this chilling weather and glisten the most awaited time of the year. To celebrate the onset of winters, you need to be ready with the right coloured clothes lined up in your closet. So check the list given below and know which all shades you must be having this season:-

Family of Reds & Pinks
Colours like brick red, wine, magenta, dark rose, salmon pink etc. are steaming up this cool weather and are too much in trend. These bright colours beautifully cheer up everything around! Online pashmina salwar suits offer a great variety of such shades.

Mustard Cluster
Blasts of rich hues of burnt yellow, mustard, rust color etc. are excellent choices to rock winters. And these are even best suited for Indian skin tones. Silk is one such fabric which brings out the best of these colours when are combined with its natural lustre. So, bring online banarasi silk salwar suits home and see the shine and glam these can scatter all around!